Whiteout - The Definitive Edition

Whiteout, Vol. 1

Greg RuckaSteve Lieber


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One of Oni Press' earliest and most acclaimed books returns in a brand new re-mastered and re-formatted edition!

You can't get any further down than the bottom of the world - Antarctica. Cold, desolate, nothing but ice and snow for miles and miles. Carrie Stetko is a U.S. Marshal, and she's made The Ice her home. In its vastness, she has found a place where she can forget her troubled past and feel at peace... Until someone commits a murder in her jurisdiction and that peace is shattered. The murderer is one of five men scattered across the continent, and he has more reason to hide than just the slaying. Several ice samples were taken from the area around the body, and the depth of the drilling signifies something particular was removed. Enter Lily Sharpe, who wants to know what was so important another man's life had to be taken for it. But are either of the women prepared for the secrets and betrayals at the core of the situation?


The Comics Journal:

"Carrie Stetko. . . is a believable character with compelling flaws, understandable motivations, and is given a clear voice by Rucka. . .the look and feel of this book is dead on... a must read."

"Carrie's Dirty Harry and we... are on the edge of our seats. . .And if the last three pages don't break your heart even as they make you smile, then your soul is made of ice. Bravo, Mr.'s Lieber and Rucka. Now please go make more."

Cinematic Happenings Under Development:

"A stark, gripping little graphic novel, with wonderful art by Steve Lieber (one of my favorite artists ever since his run on Hawkman, back when the Winged Avenger was written by John Ostrander). The Antarctic setting is used as nicely here as in John Carpenter's The Thing, creating a sense of bleakness and hopelessness that pervades the rest of the tale. The sequel, Whiteout: Melt, is even more intense, although not really a whodunit; it's basically a spy story with Carrie stuck in the middle of things (Lilly is long gone). It's all but impossible to put down."

Comic Book Resources:

"...works wonderfully well. Rucka creates some real three-dimensional characters. . . The murder plot unfolds at a nice pace, details all come together in the end, and there's still room for character development."

Sequential Tart:

"Wonderful characterisation and dense plotting with plenty of twists in the tale are complemented by an impressive range of artwork by Steve Lieber."

Ain�t It Cool News:

"Greg Rucka's knows crime so well, I'd be afraid to spend time alone with him. He has to have a record as long as my arm to tell stories with such realism at such ease. . . Steve Lieber may not be familiar to a lot of readers, but his work on this title is nothing short of absolute greatness. When you deal with a location which is nothing but snow and ice, save for the base and the people inhabiting it, there's a lot of pressure to make it visually appealing and Lieber does than and then some. He is able to show the claustrophobic atmosphere and desolate landscape in equal measure. Aside from having a great story and a not often seen setting, the duo add unique element by making the two main protagonists female. Marshall Carrie Stetko and special agent Lily Sharpe (who is currently seen in Rucka's ongoing Queen and Country series through Oni Press) are more than great female leads. They're two of the most completely realized and believable characters that you'll find in any! comic book story. This is as unique a comic story as you can find and one that certainly belongs in any fans `required reading' list. Whiteout, and the equally intelligent and entertaining sequel, Whiteout Melt, are both available in Trade Paperback format."

Format: Original Graphic Novel, 6x9" - Trade Paperback
Content Rating: O (Older Audiences)
Street Date: Jan 31, 2007

Diamond™ Order Code: JUN073780
ISBN: 978-1-932664-70-6

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