Polly and the Pirates

Ted Naifeh


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Polly has grown up in a prim and proper boarding school, far from any kind of adventure, and she likes it that way. But when she discovers that she's actually related to the Pirate Queen, she's got to find her inner-adventurer. Hijinks and high adventure await in the world of the pirates, so can Polly rise to the occasion?

In Polly's fictional world, half the city is built on tall, Victorian style houseboats, including her boarding school, which rocks her to sleep at night. It's a place where houses look like boats and boats like houses, where the line between the comfort of home and adventure on the high seas is blurred.

This volume collects all six issues from the critically acclaimed miniseries.

"Ted Naifeh, best known for his series Courtney Crumrin, has crafted a fun and entertaining tale that probably appeals to the young at heart more than it does to the young, but that's a strength rather than a weakness. It's truly an all-ages comic..." Broken Frontier


All Ages Reads:

"Polly is a good read, and a lot of fun."

Comic Pants:

"Beneath its vibrantly colored cover, is a story that can easily succeed in finding the kid in all of us."

"It isn't very often that a book this entertaining happens along, one that is so across the board approachable to young kids and adults alike."

"Ted Naifeh is a master craftsmen and is armed with a sharp wit and a keen ability to write."

"When a writer allows a reader into every nook and cranny of a character, even such as the way he or she talks, it aids to the full immersion of a story, which is exactly what happened to me when I read this. I felt as if I was truly out on the high seas, treasure in my veins and a blade at my side, ready for action and able to tackle any feat."

"Polly and the Pirates was more fun that I had expected."

Prospero's Manga:

"This one jumps high on my list of books I would hand to any kid, any where, any time, and tell them to read."

"[Polly has] just the right mix of cleverness and honor and humor for all-ages readers."

Yet Another Comics Blog:

"[Ted] Naifeh really makes the story come alive with wit and adventure and interesting characters."

"[Polly's] transformation from wallflower to mover-and-shaker plays out across the entire book, and comes across as perfectly logical and understandable."

"It's in many ways a more fantastical version of San Francisco, one that still has larger-than-life figures like the self-proclaimed Emperor Norton, but has gone a step further."

"So many things in Polly and the Pirates are shown rather than stated, and the end result is a book that treats its readers as intelligent people and doesn't waste time assuming otherwise. It's a refreshing change from so many books that seem to think all-ages means too dimwitted to understand."

"Fans of Courtney Crumrin shouldn't be disappointed that Naifeh took a detour into Polly and the Pirates; rather, they should be excited that now they have a second Naifeh-created series to fall in love with."

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Digest
Content Rating: Y (Youth)
Street Date: Feb 4, 2007

Diamond™ Order Code: MAY06 3338
ISBN: 978-1-932664-46-1

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