Multiple Warheads #1

Brandon Graham


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WolfWar 3 ended almost 50 years ago and snow has been falling on Dead City for almost as long. A war-torn wasteland that stinks of radiation dust and broken dreams, it's the town Sexica and Nikoli call home. But not for long. They're packing up their cyber-organic-hybrid car and hitting the road. Soon maybe all of the pain, mayhem, and space ship crashes that have plagued their lives will be reduced to nothing more than memories.


The Wright Opinion:

�To satisfy a woman, you need Multiple Warheads.�

Eye On Comics:

"Brandon Graham shows here that he is a master of the science-fiction genre while also approaching it from a unique perspective. His characters are uber-hip, urban youth immersed in impossible, insanity-inducing circumstances who nevertheless manage to hold onto some sense of normality."

Warren Peace Sings he Blues:

"Another good example of Graham's worldbuilding, with details like depressing street signs that warn their viewers not to expect too much out of life, or descriptions of the super-organs that Sexica is smuggling (L-bow, a dart-launching elbow; and dick-tation, a penis that writes, are just two examples). It's super-cool, and I can't wait to read more."

Savage Critic(s):

"This confirms Brandon Graham as one of the most interesting creators out there right now."

The Johnny Bacardi Show:

"Engaging, imaginative fantasy which reminds me a lot of Vaughn Bod, or even Moebius and Miyazaki, ever so slightly.

Format: Original Graphic Novel, Standard
Content Rating: O (Older Audiences)
Street Date: Aug 1, 2007

Diamond™ Order Code: MAY07 3665

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