Maintenance v1 Its a Dirty Job...

Maintenance, Vol. 1

Jim MasseyRobbi Rodriguez


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You think your job is bad? Well, Doug and Manny have you beat! These guys are janitors! But they're not your typical custodial crew—no, sir! They work for TerroMax, Inc., the world's biggest and best evil science think tank! When they're not dealing with toxic spill monsters and menial time machine repairs, they have to contend with their boss, a multitude of mad scientists, jetpack-equipped cavemen , alien repomen, and the cute girl who works at reception!

This collection contains the first three issues from the series.


Publisher's Weekly interview with writer Jim Massey:

"It's a wacky comedy, with, hopefully, enough smarts to feel silly rather than stupid," Massey explained. "There's a kind of off-kilter tension between the protagonists, who are good at heart and just want to do their unglamorous job and clock out, and the environment they work in, which is dedicated to murder and mayhem."


"I have one major complaint about the first trade paperback collection of the comic book series Maintenance, and that is that it only gathers up the first three issues. Seriously, three issues might be enough if Maintenance sucked, in which case a single issue is all you would need to read. But that's not the case with writer Jim Massey and artist Robbi Rodriguez’s comedic series, which really comes into its own by the third chapter, only to leave you wanting more."

Warren Peace Sings the Blues:

"It's fun to see the workings of a company dedicated to mad scientist research from the viewpoint of a couple low-level grunts, the guys who have to clean up the messes when experiments go wrong, like a "marauding gigomorph" melting all over a lab."

"It's a lot of fun. The story concerns two guys, Doug and Manny, who work as janitors (or maintenance men, as the title suggests) for Terromax, a facility that does scientific research for supervillains."

Read About Comics:

"It's silly and goofy, but it's a lot of fun."

"Maintenance is silly and goofy, the sort of comic that you're going to get more than a few laughs from. It's got just the right combination of humor, never drowning the reader in punch lines but likewise delivering them with enough frequency that you don't get bored."

"This is one awfully funny comic, and while you'd never want to actually be a janitor at TerroMax, Inc., you sure want to live it through Doug and Manny's eyes. This is a book you'll definitely want to read more of, and soon."

Crave Online:

"The writing is quick witted and above all else hysterical."

"Robbi Rodriguez' art makes Jim Massey's witty dialogue hit with perfect timing with consistency."

Format: Trade (Collection), 6x9" - Trade Paperback
Content Rating: T (Teen)
Street Date: Jun 25, 2010

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ISBN: 978-1-932664-6-21

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