Crogan Adventures

Chris Schweizer

SIXTEEN INDIVIDUALS, THREE CENTURIES, ONE FAMILY. IT ALL STARTS HERE! CROGAN'S VENGEANCE, the first in an ongoing series of adventure graphic novels spanning continents and centuries as cartoonist Chris Schweizer climbs through the various branches of the Crogan clan's family tree! Volume one of THE CROGAN ADVENTURES series introduces us to “Catfoot” Crogan, an honest sailor who finds himself thrust into a life of piracy! Crogan never wanted to be a pirate and he never dreamed he'd wind up at odds with the most dangerous buccaneer ever to sail the Spanish Main! But there's more to this fight for “Catfoot” than just staying alive, there's also CROGAN'S VENGEANCE!

“When Chris originally pitched us the idea, he had sent a poster size copy of the Crogan Family Tree,” said Editor-in-Chief James Lucas Jones. “Even before we approved the idea we were sitting around arguing about which story we wanted first. CROGAN'S VENGEANCE is the perfect start to the series. It's the ultimate adventure story: sword fights, naval battles, high seas action--it's outstanding!”

“Each book in the series recounts the exploits of different members of the fictitious Crogan family over the last three hundred years or so,” said writer/artist Chris Schweizer. “The family tree is filled with adventurers of every sort and caliber: pirates, legionnaires, gunfighters, private eyes, flying aces, lion tamers, and a host of other daring professions.”

Managing Editor Randal Jarrell added, “[Chris] Schweizer's research is amazing. He spends countless hours making sure every detail is as accurate as possible. Not to mention the fact that the story is outstanding. CROGAN'S VENGEANCE is a total throw-back to the classic swashbuckling adventure novels.”

Chris Schweizer added, “What I wanted to do is hearken back to the spirit of the great adventure stories that I loved so much as a kid, books like Treasure Island and the Three Musketeers and King Solomon's Mines. Those stories are beautifully written, and are captivating to adult readers, but there's enough action and excitement and character to make them palatable to children. Too often, kid's books are written for kids. What I want to see more of, and what I'm trying to do with CROGAN'S VENGEANCE and THE CROGAN ADVENTURES, is write stories for adults that are safe for kids to read--elevate them rather than writing down to them.”

Titles in this Series