Sam Kieth

Sam Kieth is the umpty ninth comic artist who's
done work for Marvel, DC, Image and a long line of
Indy comic publishers. He drew the first five
issues of Sandman, before he was canned.

Sam did his own comic, The Maxx in 1993. Went for
thirty five issues, was a cartoon on MTV briefly,
and was canned. See a pattern? However, despite
writing about himself in the third person and being
full of self pity, "Sam" should just feel LUCKY he's
gotten to do stuff that he now gets to bitch about.

He’s recently been doing a whole series of books for Oni,
The first two being Ojo, and My Inner Bimbo, but chances
are you know this if your reading it here at Musician Don Van Vliet once used the phrase regarding his music: "...opaque melodies that bug most people."

Sam humbly aspires to this goal with his stories & art.

Graphic Novels by Sam Kieth