Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell is an art monk who currently lives in Rochester, New York. His first published work was for White Wolf Publishing's Exalted RPG books, which he continues to do illustrations for today. He made his comics debut
doing the flashbacks in Too Much Hopeless Savages and then illustrated Spooked (written by Antony Johnston), both published by Oni Press. His subsequent books include two volumes of his solo series Wet Moon, also put out by Oni, and The Abandoned from Tokyopop. On the way for 2007: Wet Moon volume 3 and Water Baby, a book for DC's Minx line. Ross spends his time working and not much else, but he gets some time off to watch a movie or two every Friday.

His personal website is, and his deviantArt gallery is at He likes monsters, zombies, Tifa Lockhart, road warriors, rednecks, Fefe Dobson, unsolved mysteries/urban legends, alien artifacts, tea, and cats. He hates neighbors, ketchup, frogs, and wizards (except for the wizard in Conan).

Graphic Novels by Ross Campbell