Jen Van Meter

She'd intended to teach but stopped between MA and PhD for reasons too numerous and boring for even the members of her thesis committee. Comics were the obvious next step.

Oni Press publishes Jen Van Meter's Hopeless Savages stories and gave her her first major break in comics by commissioning her to write the Blair Witch Project comic tie-in material Oni published in 1999-2000. Since that time she has also written The Golden Streets of Gotham, Cinnamon: el Ciclo and issues of JSA: Classified and Outsiders for DC. She has also contributed stories to Flinch, Weird Western Tales, Dark Horse Presents: Annual 1998 and Captain America #50.

Born and raised in Fresno, California, Van Meter was a bright but moody and socially clumsy adolescent and is now very happy to profit by it. She lives in Oregon with her family.

Graphic Novels by Jen Van Meter