Christopher Mitten

Born in Wisconsin, Chris spent his first eight years amidst the cows, state fairs, and lush, rolling hills until his parents wised-up and spirited himself and his younger brother, Timothy, from above the Cheddar Curtain and into the suburbs of Chicago. While his parents, maintain, to this day, the move was for career purposes, Chris still thinks it was to get him and his brother out of there before the accent took hold.

Then a couple decades pass without much happening.

After dabbling in some writing and acting (and doing as close to "nothing" as society reasonably allows), Chris eventually returned to his first true love of art and design (and, yes, comics), where he's been working steadily ever since.

Chris still lives in the Chicago suburbs where he surrounds himself in a protective shell of books and movies and coffee. He tends to shy away from crowds, loud noises, open spaces, and temperatures over fifty degrees. As one would imagine, he doesn't get out as much as he probably should.

In addition to his other (and legion) tics and twitches, he's a lifelong Cubs fan and employs a small army of mental health professionals in order to cope with the resulting emotional fallout.

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